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Creating an Active Community for Your Ecommerce Brand

Donna Maria is the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, one of the largest communities of indie makers and handmade entrepreneurs. She discusses how the best ecommerce founders build rich communities across digital platforms to test, grow, and scale their businesses.

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How to Validate, Build, and Scale a DTC Brand (w/ Jacqueline Oak)

Fynn is joined by Jacqueline Oak, Co-Founder of Cardon, a DTC ecommerce store specializing in men's personal care. With a diverse background in finance, fashion, retail, and ecommerce, Jacqueline shares how inspiring entrepreneurs can validate their brand idea, appeal to consumers, and scale for growth.

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Know Thy Customer. The Power of Listening. (W/ Chloe Thomas)

Ecommerce podcast host, digital marketing veteran, and author, Chloe Thomas, discusses the state of ecommerce and how to differentiate by deeply understanding the core reason you're relevant to your customers.

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Behind The Mic

Fynn Glover


Fynn Glover grew up in Chattanooga, TN. In 2012, he founded outdoor discovery platform In 2016, RootsRated evolved into Matcha, the first all-in-one blogging platform for growing DTC brands.


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